Please make a donation to help rescue street animals in India :

We got a call to rescue a street dog whose head was swollen to almost double the normal size from an infected wound on her throat. She was stumbling and disoriented when we found her.

When we brought her back to the Animal Aid hospital we started her life-saving treatment, and in 6 weeks she made a full recovery.

For injured street animals, your help is vital. Please donate today :


  1. Guys Aap sab sach me Bohot neki ka kam kr rhe ho
    Itne sare animals lachar majbur bezuban animals ki help karke duwae lerhe Ho good job Allah Aap ke is kam me barkat de kabhi koi chez ki kami na ho or hum sabhi ko bhi hidayat de ki hum bhi Aap ki tarha bezuban animals ki help kar sake guys ,
    I proud of you ,love you guys


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