An hideous incident in the city of Necedah has place 1 resident on higher notify and her neighbor on the defensive.

Murlyn Rutkowski statements she was attacked by 3 pit bull dogs while going for walks her dog alongside 17th Avenue Could 9. However, operator Lisa Sands claimed her dogs had been only defending her and aren’t the vicious animals Rutkowski deems them to be.

In accordance to an incident report filed by the Juneau County Sheriff’s Place of work, 1 of Sands’ 3 large dogs pushed by means of an opening in a fence and little bit Rutkowski’s dog quite a few situations. Rutkowski tried using to defend her dog by wrapping her arms close to it, performing like a shield. Sands’ two other dogs saw the commotion and approached Rutkowski and her dog, Mollie, a five-yr-old springer spaniel.

Sands rushed out and yelled at the dogs to stop and tried using pulling her youngest dog, a 1-yr old bullmastiff mix, off of Rutkowski and Mollie. Robert Seward, a bystander who was driving by means of 17th Avenue, saw the incident and heard the two women yell, “Please, support us.” In accordance to his assertion to police, Seward utilised a ball-peen hammer to get the dog to stop attacking Rutkowski’s dog. He struck the dog on the head and it produced, allowing Sands to gather all 3 dogs and bring them back again into her lawn.

Seward took Mollie to the Mauston Animal Hospital and Rutkowski to the emergency place at Mile Bluff Professional medical Heart. Rutkowski claimed she was little bit much more than 20 situations, with numerous bites alongside her fingers and ankles. Mollie endured a large gash on her head and necessary stitches to restore wounds alongside her decreased tummy.

A Juneau County Sheriff’s deputy investigated the incident a number of days later and fined Sands $263.50 for having animals at large. Rutkowski has been shaken by the incident and would like to see Sands get much more than just a citation.

“Apparently you get a ticket for free dogs, but you never get nearly anything for a vicious dog assault,” Rutkowski claimed. “That doesn’t look to be from the legislation.”

Rutkowski would like to see an ordinance handed in the city to prohibit proprietors from having vicious dogs or at the incredibly least, have city or county officials make Sands establish a much better fence.

Considering that the Could incident, Rutkowski claimed she’s talked to “anybody I consider will listen” about Sands’ dogs but has gained very little support. Town of Necedah Chairman Terry Taft advised Rutkowski at the town’s June board conference he hasn’t heard of other difficulties with Sands’ dogs having free and approaching neighbors. Town Constable Jack Jasinski Sr. claimed Sands does have a fence alongside her property but it isn’t incredibly protected.

“This issue was not just a 1-time issue,” Rutkowski claimed. “My husband, who handed absent quite a few months ago, was sitting down outside about this time very last yr. A person of all those dogs acquired free and arrived up on my deck and tried using to chunk him. He dropped so substantially body weight and his trousers had been so free so the dog grabbed him in the groin place and just acquired his trousers. He was actually shook up about it.”

Considering that the alleged dog chunk incident, Rutkowski has talked to neighbors alongside 17th Avenue, warning them about Sands’ dogs. Rutkowski statements they are all pit bulls, but Sands claimed they are distinctive but equivalent breeds. A message still left with Rutkowski’s neighbor Kris Thome searching for remark was not returned.

Sands claimed she isn’t positive why her dogs went just after Mollie. She claimed a little something have to have provoked her youngest dog to interact with her and the combat escalated.

“I’ve lived in this article for five many years and there has never ever been a dilemma with my dogs,” Sands claimed. “Her lawyer has referred to as and threatened me stating they are likely to euthanize my dogs and has produced up these lies. Occasionally dogs never get alongside. I was essentially little bit by her dog on the arm when this happened.”

Sands statements Rutkowski was little bit by Mollie when the springer spaniel was striving to fend off Sands’ dogs. While she admits to accidentally leaving the gate open, she claimed the fence is secure and the dogs aren’t recognized for having free and running close to the community. Sands, who has fibromyalgia, claimed she has knowledgeable psychological tension from what happened and the accusations Rutkowski has produced.

“She’s likely close to accusing me of having vicious dogs and harassing her,” Sands claimed. “You can question anyone who has appear to my residence, these dogs are not vicious. Two of them are 11 many years old, are sluggish and have wellbeing difficulties. It is gotten to the stage where people today will sluggish down when they push earlier my residence to appear. I come to feel like I’m on serious lock down and this neighbor has produced it so.”

Rutkowski would like to see the dogs taken out and while that’s unlikely to take place, she continues to alert many others about her neighbor’s “unruly” animals.

“There is an eight-yr-old female who will come in this article and likes to pet my dog,” Rutkowski claimed. “Now what if this would have happened to her? Those dogs may possibly have killed her. She wouldn’t have experienced a prospect.”

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