Our poor pup has had a hard time of it since colder weather and then snow set in.  Her 3 miles each morning has been reduced to the 1/2 mile it takes to go around the block many mornings.  When it’s nicer we explore a little bit farther from home.  Today it was a nicer morning so we headed out.  We were enjoying the calm and quiet morning and I was marveling at how many birds were singing.  The dog was in the lead and I was lost in thought as we climbed a little hill when I suddenly found myself flying through the air and landing hard and flat on my stomach on the sidewalk.  I knew immediately my knee was skinned open and that I had landed hard on my left wrist.  I also knew that that wrist had stopped me from slamming my face into the cement.  However, I had no idea why I had fallen!  It felt like someone had reached up and grabbed my ankle!  As I slowly got up (yeah, sucks getting older…no more hopping up and quickly looking around to see if anyone saw you make a fool of yourself.  Now it’s more like a checklist…hips ok, knees ok, can still walk, can still move my wrists and arms) and brushed the snow off myself I realized two things.  1.  The dog had freaked and bolted and I needed to corral her.  2.  There was a wire stretched across the sidewalk, reminiscent of the trip wires you see in all the war movies on TV!  I got the dog back and under control and then approached the wire.  It was a copper wire with a plastic coating that was worn through in a few areas.  I pulled with all my might but the wire was definitely attached on both sides of the sidewalk, and the 2 foot snow piles prevented me from seeing where it led.  No one was at the home where this was located, I couldn’t move it, I was in pain, I had quite a walk ahead of me to get back home, and I had no phone with me.  So, I pulled the wire up as high as I could get it hoping it would be visible to the next person to walk by.  Then, the dog and I hobbled home.  I relayed my story to Dale and he insisted on calling the police for the sake of public safety.  They were happy to send an officer out to investigate.  Now, the real question is, what was the wire?  I am praying it was an underground dog fence or some outdoor lighting wire that had worked it’s way up from under the sidewalk,  because the thought that this could have been a booby trap is just too crazy to entertain.  So, that’s how my day started!  Hope yours was better!!





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