Some people are blessed with naturally slim faces and defined cheekbones. Others maintain a rounded, even “chubby” look well into adulthood. Still others can’t shake that “baby-faced” look no matter how old they get. Those in the latter category might decide to change their look with a buccal fat extraction to refine their faces and shed that extra fat in the lower part of the cheeks.


In general, your face gets slimmer as you get older. Chubby cheeks and baby fat become distant memories as you approach thirty. Your look becomes more defined and adult as your natural bone structure emerges.

But sometimes a softer look to the face never quite goes away, even if your body type is slim. This is often due to genetic factors – if your parents or grandparents have that round-faced look, you’re likely to, as well. In fact, comparing your look to older members of your family is one of the better ways to determine if a cosmetic facial procedure might be a good option.

If you’re unhappy with the shape of your face, and feel that reducing the roundness of your cheeks would improve it, a qualified cosmetic surgeon will be able to help you decide if a buccal fat extraction, alone or in combination with other cosmetic procedures, will give you the look you want.

What it is

The buccal (pronounced “buckle”) fat extraction procedure removes pads of fat from the lower part of the cheeks, thinning a face that seems too bottom-heavy or “chipmunk cheeked”. Before you decide to undergo this procedure, there are a few things to consider.

· Age – If you’re still in your twenties, a plastic surgeon might recommend that you put off the procedure for a time. At this age, your face is still likely to change, and if you have the procedure now, later your face might end up looking far too thin.

· Health – As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, you’ll have much better results and recover much more quickly if you have no major health issues.

· Informed – It’s important to know what to expect from a cosmetic surgery procedure, and to have realistic expectations about what it can accomplish. This will also ensure you are more satisfied with the results.


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