Being Santa is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. If it was not bad enough that he builds millions of toys and then travels around the world in one night to deliver them, he also has many other duties that we do not know about. There are decisions that have to be make that could change people’s lives. The naughty and nice list alone is such a daunting task that we could not do it ourselves. In fact, it would take 200 ordinary people working 24 hours a day every day for a year to go through the list once and even then, Santa would have to do it again. A single day I the life of Santa would wear a person out so completely that they would be in bed for a week. Here are five things that no one knew about Santa Claus. (Until now)

Santa Claus is a great explorer. He has traveled around the world many times during the Christmas off-season in disguise. He has also traveled under the world. Santa Claus discovered a great cave beneath our world that has thousands of miles of tunnels. He chose to live at the North Pole because of one of these tunnels. You see, he discovered that directly under the North Pole there is a place where time stands still because this is where the polar opposites meet. If you hold two magnets close to each other, they repel each other. It is impossible to put two strong magnets together. Santa built a room around the spot where the earth’s magnetic forces meet. Time does not move inside this room. This is where Santa checks the naughty and nice lists.

Santa Claus has the largest collection of books in the world. He has an underground library where he goes to read and loves to collect books from all over the world. He has the highest I.Q. of anyone on the planet. Santa can read faster than anyone in the world and has read an entire set of encyclopedia in less than an hour.

Santa Claus does not sleep. He has never had to sleep. There is something about his metabolism that keeps him from getting tired. He is the only person in the whole world who does not need sleep. Sometimes though, he will take a nap just so he can dream. He likes to dream and always dreams that he is normal, just like everyone else. It is his favorite dream.

Everyone knows that Santa Claus can speak every language in the world but very few people realize that he can speak animal language as well. He knows every language on the planet, which includes animals. He can even speak to trees. The problem, he says, is that trees speak very slowly and they have a lot to say. You have to be patient when you speak to them. His favorite languages are reindeer and chipmunk. He really enjoys bird talk because it is the most difficult. You have to sing it and there are thousands of dialects of it.

Everyone knows that Santa Claus has magic. What most people do not understand is the depth of his magic. While he has never used all of his powers, he has something called telekinesis, which allows him to move things with his mind. He is also strongly empathic, and can read most people’s mind. He loves to talk on the telephone. Santa phone calls are his favorite things to do. If you get phone calls from Santa, you can ask him some of this. He is happy to share with children!


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