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How To Look Thinner in Photographs

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You Will Need

  • A monochromatic outfit
  • A body shaper
  • A heavy object to hold
  • A natural smile
  • High heels

22_medium Step 1: Dress for success

If you know in advance you’re going to be photographed, dress all in one color, wear a body shaper, and make sure your clothes fit well.

Women who are wearing a dress or skirt should strap on some high heels — the kind that dramatically arches your foot. This will make your legs look thinner and more toned.

38_medium Step 2: Check the camera height

Make sure you are not being photographed from below; that angle alone can add up to 50 pounds!

45_medium Step 3: Put your best foot forward

Ladies, if you’re standing, strike a red carpet pose by turning a bit sideways and putting one leg in front of the other, toe pointed at an angle and knee slightly bent. Shift your weight to the back leg.

56_medium Step 4: Cross your legs

If you’re sitting, cross your legs and tuck the calf of the front leg partly behind the bottom leg.

62_medium Step 5: Keep your chin up

To avoid the dreaded double chin, tilt your chin a bit upward.

Press the back of your tongue up against the back of the roof of your mouth. This tenses the muscles in your jaw, minimizing a double chin.

73_medium Step 6: Position your arms

Position your arms so that they are away from your body. Placing one on a hip is a good look.

Bare arms? Hold something heavy in your hands; it will make your arms look toned.

85_medium Step 7: Suck in your stomach

Stand up straight, pull your shoulders back, and suck your stomach in and up, like you’re trying to zip up a tight pair of jeans.

In a group shot, position yourself in the back; those closest to the lens look the biggest.

98_medium Step 8: Don’t say cheese

Don’t say cheese; it will give you chipmunk cheeks. Just go for a natural smile.

In 2008, a Texas congressional candidate caught flak for mailing out a brochure showing a composite photo of his head on a slimmer body.


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