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The eastern chipmunk is an hyperactive mammal.
Discover its habitat, its diet and its behavior.
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14 thoughts on “Eastern Chipmunk – Films Nature Web TV

  1. Johanne Champagne

    Superb video. I love your accent but a couple of mistakes in English. If you start with He you have to say his, not its. If an Anglo read over your script beforehand they could help you. I'll watch for your videos. They are great. I love chipminks. They are my favourite native creature. I wonder why we don't see more of them in Montreal.

  2. Bobby Keigan

    Loved the video, very informative. I have posted several videos on YouTube as ChipmunkBobby and have about a dozen regulars in my posse. They are friendly, inquisitive and lots of fun. They went to bed early this year and I am looking forward to seeing them again in early spring. Thanks again.

  3. Danuta Sinclair

    A delightful movie showing the little one behaving so naturally in its own habitat. I loved it and the music is so fitting to his movements. I have watched it more than once! Merci Dominique.


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