After this cat attempts to catch this chipmunk, the chipmunk gets away and decides to stand up for itself. The chipmunk bounces around and attacks the cat until it can safely get away!
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  1. It's when you observe the suffering of an animal and watch it as entertainment, a mouse in your house OK but this just isn't necessary , I used to pry open my cats mouth to get birds out.

  2. Both my wonderfully social and very tame cats take turns catching and boxing with chipmunks that surround our rural home. It's so funny that I can't get to the darn camera in time. It takes them just seconds to run completely around the house, and they never kill the little guys…they save the fun for another day! Hilarious and educational….and yes, my cats are well fed and well taken care of. They do catch and kill mice, though. And then they bring them into the house to proudly show me their bounty.

  3. People seriously think it's wrong for a cat (a hunter) to catch small animals? Come ooooooon people,. This is nature, this is LIFE! Have you never seen how killer whales play with sea-lions before eating them? Some people might not like to watch it, which is fair enough, but this is how it's been forever! Get used to it..

  4. This was very similar to a show I saw on Nat Geo Wild all about this kind of thing- prey fighting back. ( although I don't think the chipmunk was prey but merely a living toy for kitty to keep em entertained ) In the show one scene showed a little mongoose fighting back against a lion and the lion backed off just like this kitty did! 🙂 Neat stuff!

  5. My cat does not hunt to feed himself, I full his bowl like 5 times a day. He does it because he can. And because he's good at it. And because he knows I like nice fur coats.

  6. Ok I felt sorry for the chipmunk but at least it got away (hopefully not too badly injured). And what the cat is doing is natural.

    And like someone else said have a go at people who go to places like Africa to kill lions and other animals for trophys


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