I thought I got this minor bugger…

On January 23rd, I posted a recipe on this weblog about herring appetizers my Mom would make and the Stolichnaya vodka she’d serve to wash them down. (http://wp.me/p1c1Nl-10B) My cousin, in the booze business, observed the submit and handed it alongside to her good friends at Stoli Elit, my favorite vodka. Future detail I know, a offer arrived at my residence, and inside was a huge, gorgeous bottle of Stoli Elit with a thank you card!

But…the seal on the bottle was broken…the bottle experienced been opened! I’m guessing that the intern in demand of sending my bottle to me arrived at into the huge Stoli marketing closet full of bottles and accidentally grabbed one that somebody took a swig from, and mailed it to me with out offering it a good appear to start with. So there I was…my favorite vodka in hand, but presently opened. I definitely desired to drink it…but I understood that I shouldn’t.

I did not have the heart to pour the vodka down the drain, so, with a deep sigh, I place the bottle in my garage right up until I would figure out what I could do with it.

Now, keep in mind, this is a chipmunk story…

A 7 days later, this minor rat bastard tunneled by means of the spot close to the back door of my home. Abruptly, there was a gap in the ground that did not exist the day right before. I experienced attempted all the tips of the trade in the past: smoke bombs, mouse poison…nothing labored. I really do not brain owning chipmunks in my yard, but not tunneling suitable following to my home.

Abruptly, I experienced an epiphany: I would place that bottle of Stoli Elit to good use. I grabbed it, unscrewed the top, and jammed the bottle upside-down into the chipmunk gap, looking at my gorgeous elixir slowly but surely gurgle its way out of the bottle and down into the underground tunnel method underneath my ft.


A reenactment of my “Stoli solution.” No actual bottles of Stoli Elit ended up harmed, and not a drop of further vodka was spilled, for the duration of the photograph shoot.


I covered the gap with a stone as a marker, and it remained unmoved for weeks. I thought my eradication was a achievements. No better way to go than drown in a bathtub in Stoli Elit, suitable?

Then, one day, a smaller gap, a new tunnel, appeared following to the stone. Maybe Stoli Elit is his favorite vodka, way too.

I definitely thought I got this minor bugger…

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