From cats sneaking into cabinets to steal food, cats hunting down their owners, to a cat unexpectedly trapping the dog in a blanket, these are just a few of the sneaky cats you’ll find in this sneaky cats video compilation.

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  1. Eating cooked poultry bones are VERY dangerous to animals. They shatter into sharp pieces that can injure the animal's mouth, throat and digestive tract. They can die from eating cooked chicken bones.

  2. If a cat would ever think about touching the food in my fridge or freezer, it's going for a LONG one way trip. They can't be trusted, so why would someone ever even want one?

  3. okay, as some constructive criticism… can you crop your longer video clips? for example, the orange kitten clip that starts at 0:52 is almost a full minute long, with the cute pounce being only in the last 10 seconds of the clip. by the time we made it to the pounce, i was feeling kind of bored by the wait. there have been a couple of your videos that i honestly just abandoned midway through because the longer clips do not hold my attention and there's plenty of other things that look more interesting on the recommended panel.

    I'm sure i'm not the only one who would rather click away than sit through these extended clips which don't have very much going on. the clips you come up with are fairly unique, and i DO enjoy them, so this is a little irksome when i watch your videos.

  4. The one with the chicken is sort of dumb, rather than sit there and watch the cat and let him touch it just move the plate lmao. Otherwise you get cat-litter paws on your food.


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