I wanted to share a narrative I wrote about my most recent experience at the hospital. Here it is!!

It was going on my second hour waiting to be seen in the Emergency room.  I sighed in frustration because it was taking forever to be seen. But then,  A woman and her husband came into the waiting area. She was wearing pajamas, he was in street clothes.  They sat across from me.

“I love your Muck boots, are they warm?” she asked. “I live on a farm and want a pair” She looked very ill and was wearing gloves that the people at the front desk asked her to put on. But was also wearing a smile.

“Yes, I love them!” I responded. “They are great for taking the dog out” I looked up from my phone, and couldn’t help but wonder what sort of health issue she was battling.

“Oh, we rescue animals. We have two female dogs and one male right now. No human will ever love you like a dog will. I’m a trucker and would rescue an animal before a human any day, have many times”

“That’s amazing,” I said. I was amazed at her heart. And told her about my rescue kitten and the horrible shape he was in when I found him.

“There’s a special place in heaven for people like you,” she said, still smiling. Even though she looked deathly ill.  I was in shock at her kindness, and simply said “Thank you.” Her buzzer went off and it was time for her to be seen.

There were not enough rooms in the hospital, so the lady I was talking to came back out after seeing the emergency RN. This time, she seemed shaken up.  And was crying.  I didn’t know what was wrong, but her husband embraced her with both arms, whispering something to her. He held her for the next hour, and was so tender and caring.  I didn’t say anything else to them, because It seemed like they were struggling with something. But while everyone else was messing around on their phones in the waiting room, these two were sharing an intimate moment for the world to see. And it reminded me of what beauty is .


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