Today is Love Your Pet Day!  I could not resist writing a post all about my pet Apollo. This post will include a little about him, some of the things I’ve learned as a pet owner and lots of pictures, hope you enjoy!

Apollo is a 2-year old Orange Tabby with lots of personality and a deep love for all things edible and some things inedible (but he enjoys a challenge).   I got Apollo unexpectedly a few years into college when I moved into an apartment complex that allowed animals.  My mom and I actually went to look at some kittens for my grandparents and I left with a new kitten (like you do).

The greatest lesson I’ve learned from having Apollo is that growing up with and owning your own pet are two very different things.  When I first got him I had to find a reliable vet, scheduled his vaccination appointments around my classes, get him fixed and to buy him all the supplies he would need for food, water, flea collar, litter box etc..


I really got lucky with his demeanor, he is pretty much independent and can entertain himself.  He really just likes to know where you are.  It’s a little weird, like he’s an alien trying to learn human behavior and culture by observing or maybe he just doesn’t like being petted but also doesn’t like being alone (maybe he thinks I’m his paparazzi?).

He likes it when someone shakes or throws a toy but doesn’t necessarily need anyone to play with him for long periods of time.  He really likes laser pointers and when we hide around the corners in the apartment so he can creep up on us (just like the stalking cat videos).


Having Apollo in my life has been one of the best decisions I didn’t know I was going to make.  He definitely picked me that day in that Bojangles parking lot.  Owning a pet is a big responsibility and matures you because you’re having to take care of something that can’t take care of itself in a domestic environment.  You have to put that little creatures needs in front of your own without it being a chore.  Every day I walk down the dark apartment complex hallways, my shoulders heavy with whatever stress work or life has thrown at me and it all just melts away when I open the door and he’s there waiting for his 6:00 Front-Door-Back-Rub.

(Getting a pet: 10/10 would recommend)


Thanks for reading!

If you want to see even more cute pictures and videos of Apollo, follow me on Instagram @thelifeofjessicaleigh.

Jessica & Apollo


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