I Bought Weird Cat Toys From Amazon


Pipdate! I decided to buy the top-rated and most searched cat toys on Amazon for Pipsqueak. Let me know what you thought of this video!
Cat Pizza:
Tower of Tracks Cat Toy:
Hummingbird Cat Toy:
Cat Unicorn Horn:
Cat Massage Roller:

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Page and Molly love you, go rescue a dog!

35 thoughts on “I Bought Weird Cat Toys From Amazon

  1. Kittysaysmeowmeow 123

    Stacy: am i suppose to potch you with it?
    Stacy: does that feel nice?
    Pipsqueak: No!
    Stacy: i dont think this would feel good.
    Pipsqueak: Yes!
    Stacy: okay i just hit you in the face with it, i'm sorry.
    Pipsqueak: Yea you should be and it's not okay!"
    Stacy: this can go away
    Pipsqueak: THANK YOU. I HATE IT.


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