Funny Cat Clips! – Cole & Marmalade


A fun kitty compilation from 2017, if only you could record what you see when you don’t have a camcorder handy… We could have made a compilation 2 hours long!

Lots more fun stuff to come in 2018, thanks fur watching 🙂



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28 thoughts on “Funny Cat Clips! – Cole & Marmalade

  1. Stray Cats & Dogs

    I had two stray cats they were really fun to watch but one got abscess wound from bite and was gone maybe to die alone I don't know what happened to him 2 weeks after my second cat also got abscess would but she recovered and is fine now. But I miss having two cats.

  2. Lynda Hammond

    They are so funny and cute! Love the video except for the terrible clip of them flipping over on the stairs and landing on their head/ necks. That was awful. These two are so, adorable, healthy and active (well, I certainly hope so after that tumble…). Bless you all!Keep being happy and safe! XOXOX


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