Foster Kitten Adventures


Last year was a busy year for our family caring for baby kittens – 3 litters to be exact. At my job (see my bio), we get kittens dropped off all of the time by good samaratins that find them abandoned. One thing I love about the place I work is that the people that work there have the biggest hearts. We can’t let helpless creatures suffer or be sent to a shelter that might not be able to care for them. So what do we do? We take them home with us, care for them on our dime, and find them forever homes.

I brought home three different litters last year. In the first two litters, there were 5 kittens in each litter and all under two days old. The last litter only consisted of two kittens who were about 2 weeks old. With the first litter, we only lost one kitten that was unable to thrive. With our second litter, all 5 had Fading Kitten Syndrome. We lost all of them within the course of one night. So heartbreaking. The last litter did really well though and grew into healthy, happy kittens. We were able to find homes for 6 all of the surviving kittens.

It was a fantastic learning experience for myself and my dogs. I never had to bottle feed babies before. With getting them so little (most only 2 days old), I would have to get up every two hours with them to feed them and care for them for the first week. Then every 3-4hrs the second week. Finally after about two-ish weeks, they would sleep through most of the night and not have to eat so often. Imagine working full time and having to feed these babies every two hours. I was exhausted. But oh, so happy. Mommas with babies, you know what I’m talking about.

The dogs loved having the kittens around. It was so fun to watch them experience a different species and co-exist in a beautiful way. Nani was the momma. She would lick them and snuggle them. Logan just was curious about everything and just wanted to chase and play with them – and eat their food… and their litter (gross).

I have so many tips on bottle feeding and caring for foster kittens. Shoot me a message or comment if you have any questions or are interested in getting involved in fostering kittens!


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