This past weekend, longtime character actor and embodiment of “grizzled challenging guy” Eric Roberts was on the Animal World exhibit My Cat From Hell. This is a truth collection in which a very nice cat behaviorist named Jackson Galaxy (cat model of the Puppy Whisperer, basically) solves people’s feline pet challenges while sporting borderline-indefensible facial hair. But what Roberts’ physical appearance mostly presents is an justification to look at his IMDB credits and go, “Holy shit,” due to the fact the person has 462 performing credits to his name.

In the episode, which admirably treats Roberts and his spouse as just yet another few with cat difficulties, the actor contacts Galaxy due to the fact his previous, blind cat Brooklyn has disappeared. Roberts’ concept is that his previous cat is sensation threatened by and jealous of the more recent, sighted cats, and also did you know Roberts is listed as owning 54 performing credits in 2017 by itself? Fifty-4 credits: Let that sink in for a minute. Which is much more than one a week for the total 12 months. Legitimate, some of them are little appearances, very little much more than cameos exactly where somebody in all probability said, “Hey, Eric, appear in for two hours on Thursday afternoon, we’ll make it worth your while,” but even so, that is hustle on a definitely remarkable amount.

Without the need of having into spoilers, Roberts’ concept turns out to be at the very least partially true—Brooklyn is hiding in the basement, and it has to do with the other cats—and by episode’s end, points are on the lookout up for poor previous blind Brooklyn. Galaxy even convinces them to make a fence to supply some security for the animal, and one pet ends up carrying a bell. But actually, there’s an added 45-additionally credits from just 2016. Which is much more than one hundred performing gigs in two many years, which need to qualify Roberts for some kind of damn honorary Oscar. Not even porn stars maintain such a continuous do the job program.

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