Cat Helps Her Parents Prepare For New Baby Sibling


They say nothing can prepare a person for parenthood — but adopting a pet can certainly help.

Just ask Jordan and Chenoa Gale.

The Salt Lake City, Utah, couple have two cats, Sophie and Eevee, and will soon be welcoming their first human child into the world. They love their two kitties more than anything, and the cats return their affection tenfold — especially Sophie.
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15 thoughts on “Cat Helps Her Parents Prepare For New Baby Sibling

  1. bethany smith

    i don't think that Sophie likes being in the swaddle blanket but she'll put up with it since it was mom putting her in it, or maybe it's the cap; cats tend to not like stuff that messes with their ears.
    she looks like " what the heck are these things? " with the booties but she looks like she's ok with the dress. better look out in a few years when she has a human sister who like to play dress up.
    thats adorable that she's sleeping between her parents in bed.

  2. rubymimosa

    My cats, Peanut and Bugs, were all over me while I was pregnant and later when breast-feeding were on my belly making sure their newest brother (the human) was safe, warm and never unhappy.
    We had been rescuing for years and they were always eager to help new furry, feathered or scaly ‘babies’ receive lots of attention.
    I think they were thrilled they got to ‘keep’ him as they were used to fur babies being rehabbed and then found forever families. (We had two cats and two dogs, but all the others were rescued and then rehabbed, we only kept disabled animals permanently as this was almost 30yrs ago and then the population at large wasn’t as accepting of special needs pets).


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