How would you truly feel if your husband or wife introduced household a stranger and stated, “Hi, honey, here’s our new family member! She’ll be sharing your area, sporting your dresses and utilizing your toothbrush.”

You in all probability would not like it. Even though it’s not very the identical, most cats equally do not value a sudden addition to the family, at the very least not without having a good introduction. Efficiently introducing two adult cats or a kitten to an adult ordinarily requires time and persistence. Be geared up to expend a several weeks if important to support them change. Down below are some pointers.

  1. Continue to keep cats different. Close the new cat in a area with her possess cat mattress, litterbox, toys and food stuff and water dishes. Your cat could sniff the shut door, snarl and growl. Convenience her and carry her away.
  2. Introduce first as a result of scent. Carefully rub the new cat with a dry washcloth. Let the resident cat sniff the washcloth and then rub him too. Just take the washcloth back again to the new cat and repeat the procedure. Swap dishes, toys and beds. Location calming Feliway cat pheromone diffusers in each feeding spots. Cuddle just one cat and then the other. Repeat, repeat.
  3. After a several days, carry the new cat out in your arms. Observe reactions. Repeat several situations each day until neither hisses or growls.
  4. Location the new cat on the ground for a face-to-face meeting. Intently watch. Start off with a several minutes and gradually prolong. If the face-to-face does not go very well, go back again a step.
  5. Don’t permit them harm each other. Usually place the new cat back again in its area and near the door when you are away. Independent when they exhibit stress.

Some cats will not be greatest buddies but will tolerate each other. This is Ok. If you nevertheless working experience complications, call Good friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS). The team is generally satisfied to support. Snuggle your cats and get pleasure from!

Fur Out! FAAS Summer of Like: It is the 50-yr anniversary of San Francisco’s most well-known summer time. Make 2017 your possess summer time of appreciate by adopting from FAAS. From now until Aug. 1, just about every adopter will get to spin our Psychedelic Wheel of Fur-tune and acquire a groovy prize, probably even some cost-free appreciate! (That implies we’ll waive the adoption rate.)

Pet of the 7 days: Minnow’s proprietor still left her at the Pet Foodstuff Specific keep in Alameda. The workers there became so fond of her that they’ve determined to shell out her FAAS adoption rate. She’s about three yrs outdated and portion boxer.

Dog Alley: The shelter is almost comprehensive, with 20 other canine readily available for adoption, including 2-yr-outdated Lhasa apso Sweetie Pie. She arrived to FAAS immediately after becoming hit by a car. After 6 weeks of crate relaxation her broken pelvis is almost healed, and she is prepared to delight a new household.

Cat Lair: Nineteen cats and kittens are readily available. Lillie, a 2-yr-outdated brown tabby, nursed 3 orphaned litters of kittens for FAAS. We think she need to be rewarded with a household of her possess pronto!

Rabbit Row: We have 5 bunnies: two large, mild white rabbits named Bun Bun and Foo Foo, each extensive-time citizens two dwarf rabbits named August and Caesar and newcomer Petey, a white mini lop-eared rabbit.

Diane Nelson Abel is a advertising and marketing and business enterprise advisor and a FAAS volunteer. She shares her household with 3 formerly feral cats, just one adopted from FAAS two Norwegian Elkhounds and just one partner.


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