Cats: defense associations all claws out

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Nadine Larré defends a system to protect adopted cats. / Photo DDM archives

Nadine Larré defends a system to protect adopted cats. / Photo DDM archives

The torch burns between the friends of the cats, in Miélan: the former members of Chapatounes denounce the methods of the association, and the president plans to file a complaint.

"The cats that people adopt through the Chapatounes association do not belong to them!" Patrick Lorit, former member of the office of the cat protection association in Miélan, denounces methods that remove the adopters straight from their pet .

"I had several clashes with the president, Nadine Larré, about it, says Patrick Lorit, who has since created his own association in the Hautes-Pyrénées. She does not declare adoptions to I-Cad. And that, adopting people do not know it. Yet it is fraught with consequences. "

Animal delivered chipped, vaccinated and dewormed

I-Cad is the service in charge of recording pet fleas. Normally, an adopted or sold animal is given to its new family chipped, vaccinated and dewormed. Declared with I-Cad on behalf of the shelter or vendor, they must make the administrative change within 8 days. "This is not the case, says the former member of Chapatounes. there are hundreds of animals that are not officially handed over to their adopters. "As a result, if they want to take a passport for the animal during a trip, that is impossible. Ditto for veterinary fees, since they are normally the responsibility of the owner of the animal. "In this case, it would be the responsibility of Chapatounes that would be engaged, since in the eyes of I-Cad, it is still the owner!" At I-Cad, we are more measured. The organization has no role and no coercive power over associations.

Other volunteers leave Chapatounes

According to Patrick Lorit, the response from the President is always the same. "She says that in this way, if the animal gets lost, it will be brought back to the association! But why ? I resigned last September because of these actions. "He is not the only one: other volunteers, often arrived a short time ago in Chapatounes, left the association. "I was a volunteer, says one of the resigners, and I adopted cats. I paid the fees but I did not receive all the adoption contracts, and these animals are not registered in my name, several months later! "Like Patrick Lorit, she says that her goal, by putting the case in the public square, "is not to harm, but to put an end to an anomalous situation".

"This story has neither tail nor head"

Nadine Larré, president and founder of Chapatounes, is deeply affected by the attacks of the former board member. "I'm considering filing a complaint," says the president. Yes, registration at I-Cad is not immediate, but it is proposed for adoption, and it is mentioned on the contract. In cases reported by former volunteers – no owner has complained – these are requests that have not been made, but it is said and written! "And Nadine Larré maintains that this system protects the few 150 adopted animals. "Sometimes the adoption is not good. That the animal is abandoned. In such a case, the registration to the files of the I-Cad brings the cat back to the one who left it. Whereas in this case he comes back to us. We had two cases. "She claims to have seen this system in place by other associations, for which she worked before opening Chapatounes. "Today, we are attacked by former members of the association, it is catastrophic and it has neither tail nor head! We are really in pure nuisance, jealousy between associations whereas the only cause that deserves our energies is the well-being of cats, the animal cause! "