Robin Birds Chirping and Singing – Beautiful Video, Bird Song and Nature Sounds in HD – The National Bird of Great Britain

In a recent poll the robin was voted Britain’s Favourite

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall


  1. Does each bird sound mean something, or is it just random sounds? I was listening to this lone bird this morning in bed with the window open, and each sound it made was different from the last, the whistles it was making were complex and seemed almost difficult to pull off… then it struck me that the bird wasn't just making random sounds – it was intelligently communicating in a complex language. So each sound must mean something, right? But there were so many, and surely it can't have memorized them all? But it can't just be random, because why would the bird just sit there making random sounds? Makes no sense.

  2. The european robin is completely different from the american robin. In fact the European robin is no longer even classed the same as the american robin. The european robin got moved from a thrush class to a flycatcher classification (which I think it rightly belongs as it looks a lot like most small flycatchers). The only similarity between the euro and american is the color of their breasts, although the european one is more orange throated than orange breasted and that's really what gives it the name. Lots of birds are similarly colored though with different names. The american is strictly orange breasted. Look em up! 😀

  3. I have a perfect bird videoing spot at a little falls in my backyard. I've counted 83 species so far and have many on hand-held video. But now my full-time job doesn't allow me hours to watch from the kitchen window anymore. What type camera set-up could I use to shoot eight hours/day. I'd review the footage each evening, save what was new and discard the rest for a fresh start the next day. This would only be during migration – 3 weeks in the Spring and another 3 week in the Fall. Thanks.


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