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i cant hold my bird?
my pigeon is really sick and his wing is damaged and want to put him in the cage but i simply cant! i keep thinkng he’ll get hurt and the way he moves and squirms i chew over im hurting him more! i just CANT hold…

infant budgie sexual category mannish or feminine?
hi want to know what the gender of my baby budgiethe cere colour is a really light blue but mostly it a girl or a boy?

is my bird blind??
this morning i let my budgie coco out he played a bit on top of the cage and next decided to have a fly round and he flew straight into the corner of the wall!!could he be blind??my other budgie doesn’t even want to come out.also should…

we own taken surrounded by a manly budgie and my other masculine budgie wont stop fussing him?
male budgie was with a hen who just this minute died but he took to this other male within a few days

HELP! duck eggs?
HELP. I just this second got my duck eggs contained by the mail & one was broken and got adjectives over the rest i wiped them dry and sat them to rest, are they dead pllllllleeeasssseeeeeeee give a hand


(Pigeon is going to die)PLEASE share me where on earth I can find Racing Pigeon supplies close me (Trenton NJ)?
I would GREATLY appreciate it if someone would tell me where I can locate some food and supplies for my race pigeons, i have no food for them and they will die if I don’t find the right supplies.PLEASE HELP ME

(Urgent!) Parakeet Flying around house, can’t find her?
I was letting my parakeet fly around the house, as she always does. Suddenly, I went into the garage to fetch something, and my parents be in the kitchen eating. When I came hindmost, we couldn’t see her! We know she didn’t fly outside,cause no one open…

?What is this entry?
I have two canaries and they have recently laid 3 eggs. Two hatch and the other one is on the bottom on the cage. Anyways, Both of the babies are eating, sleeping, etc. But when I looked at the babies, one of them had a big pale…

~Is my chicken a hen or a rooster~ (More info inside)?
I have a chicken that is just over 1 month hoary. I heard that Roosters grow their comb faster than Hens. At the moment he/she has a pointy comb lump on his/her head. Where does the comb start forming, from put money on to front or front…

1.Does the rooster necessitate to be separated from the hen and the chicks once they own hatch?
they are in the same enclosure at the moment but should be approximately ready to hatch in the next week or so

11 light of day antiquated Baby budgies?
i have 2 baby budgies at the moment and they are nearly 11 days old i own a few questions about them-1-how old are they when their eyes unambiguous? (my babies are open but thoughtt they wouldn’t open till a bit later.)2-how ripened are they before i…

2 mouthed budgie?
okies, my friends brought a new baby budgie the other day, it’s bottom beak grew over the top one..afterwards we thought it was just like that, consequently one time i heard it screech ague and and it didn’t move or anything, then as i be looking closer…

2 simple question? 10 or more points?
Hi, I think i found a good bird. The bird is called a Hahns Macaw. Is this coop suitable for a single hahns macaw??… And are Hahns Macaws cuddly? Thanks in advance!

2 week prehistoric babe-in-arms cockatiel mutation?
helloooooo :p my baby cockatiel is about 2 weeks in age 2 hours of daylight, and i finally got to handle him/her, her eyes are red and his/her tiny feathers are yellow, does that niggardly he/she is a lutino?Mom: Completely yellow with orange cheacks, but black eyesDad:…

2009 Calendar near Kiwi (Bird)?
I’m looking for a 2009 Calendar with pictures of Kiwi’s. (Bird) I hope you can help me. I couldn’t find it any were…Thanks

3 infant parakeet name?
my 2 parakeets, Leila and Honeybear ( dont ask) had little babies. 3 of them – the babies are blue, yellow and greeni need 3 CUTE name. i’m keeping them 🙂 and i love them. give me suggestions! thanks!

3 love birds conflict?
just got them yesterday, they were adjectives getting along once i got them (the owner said she had them for 10 months without a problem) and the subsequent day i see 2 of the lovebirds together and one side, and the isolated one is by himself on…

4 years out-of-date Hyacinth Macaw – any Experience (PARROT)?
I am purchacing a Hyacinth Macaw, she is 4 yrs old, can talk a fair bit, loves attention and playing – grew up around childeren and i am lately preparing on her arrival, such as stand, toys, feed ect. I have researhed quite alot on the species…

6 little duckling aid?
HelloI have a problemI need to find the song 6 little duckling for the christmas performance and i have need of to find the music sheet but all the music sheet i find with 6 little duckling only have left hand… if you could please find a…

7. My bird have laid an egg at the bottom of the tray, what should I do?
My bird has laid an egg at the bottom of the tray, what should I do?

8 week out-of-date cockatiel?
I want to know what a 8 week old cockatiel looks like. Please send pictures whether you can!!

8 year outdated parakeed getting black on its wing?
My mom has had her parakeet for 8 years. Now all of a sudden some of the feathers on one of its wing are starting to turn black. Is this a bad thing? We don’t really know that much about birds besides the underlying…

A ask on my quaker copier?
now that my quaker is finally handelable i am able to closer inspect the waxy substance on him. he has a waxy substance on the shaft of his feathers, adjectives over his body. he refuses to preen himself so i give him one or two baths a…

A bird is surrounded by my bedroom! HOW DO I GET IT OUT?
a frickin bird plucked through my bedroom wall! i cant go in my room cause im afraid the bird will attack me! in that is a huge wall through my room to the outside, and how do i get the birds out of my attick and bedroom?…

A bird keep coming to my upstairs bureau windowpane and looks within and sings to me.?
I closed the blind and it came on the other side. I thought it was looking at its reflection but it seem like if it can’t see me it moves to a window minus the shade down. It comes everyday and stays all day. Sometimes…

A chicken that will not sit on eggs?
I have a bantam hen and she has layed 5 eggs since Saturday. However she has not sit on them. Will they hatch? How do I get her to sit on them? I have 2 hens and 2 roosters.

A couple question around my cockatiel?
Okay, so I know that cockatiels put up their “mohawk” when they are happy, but it is possible that they can still be happy without their mohawk up? Because my bird does not hold it up often, but I believe she is happy. She learns whistle tunes…

A cross-question on rhode island red chickens?
At six weeks of age, how high can a startled rhode island red fly? Also how high can a rhode island red fully grown hen fly with one clipped wing?

A devout student bird.?
Hi!!I have found myself with an empty birdcage. It is a quite large cage 36 inches tall, 32 inches long and 21 inches reflective.I’m thinking about a bird. A small parrot or something of that variety.where on earth should I start my research? What…

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