[3/3] Final Days of Patty & Morgan’s Solo Sessions!! | 10 Days of Bird Training


Patty = Morgan’s Owner
Jamieleigh = Parrot Trainer

Trainer notes:
* Bring the energy and connectivity that Patty has during corner flights into all aspects of her training.
* Patty’s hand placement for the step off was great! Something that felt “fixed”.
* It’s necessary to address desensitizing issues; places, doors, the cat (who has never been an issue previously), bags of feathers and what not. Any sort of distractions should be worked through on the spot so the future is brighter and with less of them!
* Step off needs to become a trick that does not require the sight of food.
* Patty truly learned how to properly call a session whether to not start one or to end one at the proper point.
* I’d like Patty to video tape her “hang out” times and have more of these non-training related interactions.
* Would like to see the implementation of jackpot rewards.
* Disconnecting is a major ongoing issue I saw the most – turning her. back on Morgan which makes it so that Morgan cannot connect or communicate with her, it brings the overall energy down of the session and creates a lack. Would like this to not be happening anymore.

Previous 2 videos in this segment:
Video 1:
Video 2:

What things did you notice? How do you feel the 10 days of training went overall? Was it what you expected? Leave a comment!

19 thoughts on “[3/3] Final Days of Patty & Morgan’s Solo Sessions!! | 10 Days of Bird Training

  1. Nancy Huffman

    Jamieleigh, I agree w/ everything you said. A desensitization program due to Morgan's hyper reactions to stimuli is definitely needed. Such a program, probably should be in affect now in addition to her flight training because of the overall goal of free flying outside. It would be easy enough to implement during hang out time after Morgan reacts to something during training. We know she reacts to dogs walking by, so maybe ask a neighbor to walk their dog by the window several times while Patty works on her computer at the table w/ Morgan sitting on a T-stand or playing w/ foot toys. I think the more exposure Morgan has to stimuli prior to free-flying outside; the more successful she will be. Plus this just increases bonding time for Patty & Morgan. Patty, I think you showed great insight during these sessions in catching your errs as you made them or shortly afterwards & immediately correcting them. Kudos to you! The corner flights were FABULOUS!! Not only was Morgan eager to fly around the corner & Patty never turned her back once. Maybe you need to zig-zag on your way to further positions, which might help you quit over thinking what's coming. Also, Patty learned when to call the session instead of dragging it out, which is difficult, but by implementing more hang out time you still get your 1:1 time. Patty still isn't using the JACKPOT treat concept, so change the name to Bonus or anything Patty thinks she can remember to help Patty out. It's worth a try. I realized that we have expected a LOT out of Patty during these 10 days & maybe were a little harsh on her sometimes. I fee like I was, so I apologize Patty. I think I had a preconceived idea that because Patty is involved in Birdtricks & works w/ bird nutrition that she would naturally be a more advanced trainer, so it has surprised me when Patty has struggled w/ training concepts. These sessions were great because we got to see Patty's enthusiasm & excitement when Morgan flew around the corner. Now Patty needs to take those emotions & apply them to other flights. Jaimeleigh, I'm worried how Morgan is going to react to your return. Are you going to be physically present during the sessions? Or are you going to coach Patty before & after the sessions, but not be present? Thank you for allowing us to be part of Patty & Morgan's journey.

  2. Heather Woodward

    Defiantly agree. I thought for the first few sessions on this video she did a lot better with the disconnecting, but then started again when Morgan got distracted. It was so nice to see the energy from you Patty. I think Morgan really picked up on that. And awesome job calling the session. I seen a lot of improvement. Great job Patty. Don't be afraid to push forward. Keep up the good work!

  3. SabinJBB

    Nice job, Patty! Your connect-ness is improving a lot and fast!! A the beginning patty also did a clever hand exchange when Morgan was not into going onto the counter! And great call off tge sessions!! πŸ™‚ My constructive comments, that I wonder if Jamie would agree with, are : 1) I would love to see patty using the target stick when luring Morgan instead of the treats (positively Patty is is needing to lure her less,coz I think connection between both is improving). 2) I still would watch out trying not to give the back to Morgan when moving into a new place to receipt her (though I think Morgan is learning to know Patty, and waits her with less disconnection, plus really excited as soon as Patty turns her face back at her again). 3) when morgan seemed hesitating after a new reception positioning of Patty , I would try cheering Morgan with more talking instead of over calling her name more than twice or getting muted at Morgans hesitation (thankfully it did not occurred that often). And 4 and last) Around minute 19:10 I would have talked and laugh with Morgan about how fast she took of, but I would not given her the treat and give morgan a chance again (with more connectiveness) to facilitate Patty calls her before Morgan would tale off (so she pairs flying when called, instead of when Morgan decides).

  4. The Parrots Voice

    Jamieleigh, as always excellent advice on everything! Kudos to Patty for letting us critique her. Having said that, I hope Patty will finally break her bad habits of disconnecting with Morgan on so many levels and show a softer side. Patty's rigid, cold, boring regimen is not fair to Morgan. If you are truly connected to an animal, it should not take reminders to form that connection. I highly recommend that Patty stop the flight training completely, and focus on relationship building with Morgan first. Once the relationship is stronger, the flight training will be easier. However, it could be that Patty's natural personality (nothing personal) is not a good match for Morgan. Morgan's emotional needs should come first rather than forcing a connection that's not meant to be.

  5. Ivy Dragonbreath

    I think at 3:59 she didn't come off because you twisted your hand. Great job going round the corner, that was excellent! (So πŸ˜› to the negative nancys)
    But, where was the jackpot rewards? she should have earned at least a couple of jackpots. (but on the other hand, its great that she is working so well for the normal reward)
    Most importantly I can see that through the week Patty is getting sooo much better!! Well done!!! But please more jackpots!

  6. Whatever1638

    Literally when I saw her go to the T stand and go around the corner I got so excited I knew it was going to be a great session and I was not let down. I just got so happy lol

  7. Asia W

    These corner flights were perfect! Both you Patty and Morgan were very focused and enthusiastic. It was so enjoyable watching you training in this video. The one thing that could make it even better is jackpot rewarding

  8. Cassella's Box

    I think Patty did a good job during the 10 days. She didn't do the flight from the front door to the kitchen that you had incorporated but, you didn't specifically show her that one, if I recall correctly. I feel like Patty is doing only what you specifically taught her and now is ready for more.

    I would love to see Morgan ascending again but, I'd be afraid to have Patty take the time getting up on the piano bench like you did when she's already losing contact for so long as it is. It will be exciting to see how Patty resolves this issue.

  9. Tanja Hennes

    What I saw was Patty had an overhaul on her training mindset. Her confidence was huge! She seemed to come out with a take charge attidude that Morgan responded to. I npticed the back turning as well, but because her energy and focus was there, Morgan did stay pretty responsive. I did notice how Patty would avoid certain things, closing doors etc. I think she was worried it would make her training go backwards. It like a rider who has a horse that wants to spook at the corner, so they cut the corner and think it will get better. Sometimes you have to take their head away from the corrner and drive your inner leg into them and push the horse in the corner and relax your body so the horse feels no tension, and therefore doesn't look at it anymore. But I do understand Patty not wanting to go there without your instruction. She wanted to continue with good training. Kudos to Patty, she dived in and managed to tread water. I noticed the bond is growing between these two, very inspiring. Yeehaw Patty and Morgan!

  10. Sherry Pierce

    hi Jamieleigh
    i'm enjoying to watch your videos and i think you are right about the points that you mentioned.
    i do have a sense of feeling from some reason that every time that morgan lands on patty, patty anergy is down and off.
    and morgan can feel it.
    i think on top of progression with morgan, patty needs to boost her confident more in general.
    much love

  11. Abbey Jade

    The around the corner flights were so good!! Definitely agree with all your critics! Thanks for posting these videos, they've been really helpful with getting my 16 year old rescue Grey started with training


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