Big Bear Eagle Cam ~ Stormy’s Mishap ~ Clips Wing On Branch & Falls w/ SLO MO 5.13.18

Stormy is heard squeeing but is out of the cam view. He is seen flying to the nest (center of the cam). As he approaches the nest his left wing clips the branch causing him to bank and fall below the nest in a loud crash landing. We hear him squeeing and flapping for a few minutes and then he flies back up (watch the left hand side of the cam) and has a rough landing on the branch before hopping back to the nest. I included his crash and fall in slo mo. Stormy appears to be fine – and than lays down in the center of the nest for the evening. Rest up Stormy – young juvies such as yourself do miscalculate landings and branches and fall sometimes. It is part of the learning process as he develops better control & coordination. Thank you for watching!

Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk

Big Bear eagle cam is located in Big Bear Lake, California. Watch live:

This camera is provided by The Friends of Big Bear Valley. Learn more about them at

14 thoughts on “Big Bear Eagle Cam ~ Stormy’s Mishap ~ Clips Wing On Branch & Falls w/ SLO MO 5.13.18

  1. DLionheart

    Oh gosh. =( Bless his heart. He doesn't have enough confidence and practice yet, but I adore his perseverance! Poor baby and his pitiful cries and teed off hissy fits! Gosh can't help but love this guy sooo much. You'll get there sweetie. Thanks LH! =)♥

  2. Catherine Z

    He does't realize what an impressive wingspan he has to maneuver!! That, and the fact he learned to fly AFTER he left the nest!!! ;D TY for the 'scare', Lady Hawk!!

  3. Grandma S.

    Well he has used dad as a landing pad, too close to the hanger today, and mom will probably get hit if he comes in too fast. My heart breaks that this happened but I really hope he wasn't hurt. Thanks for the update. Stormy please stay safe.

  4. Jareds Buddy

    Stormy boy! This flying stuff is hard to master you will get there, landing on mum, hitting the branch no wonder you are a cranky teen. Who took off your training feathers?

  5. The Timekeeper

    DX Ouch! I bet he'll feel that all over for the next day or two. For sure, the best thing is a little bit of rest, then back to flying short distances to fend off any stiffness.

  6. Judy Wright

    Most of the nests don’t have the nicely manicured snag trees that are at the SWFL property, which makes landing easier in the beginning. But, Stormy and the other eaglets will catch on fairly quickly.

  7. Lori Richner

    That looked soooo bad. I can’t believe he didn’t get hurt. That area on the nest is Stormys danger zone. He definitely needs to use other entrances and exits, lol!!!!! Hang in there Big guy!!!!!!


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