Big Bear Eagle Cam ~ Stormy Circles Nest Twice Following Mom ~ No Fish 5.16.18

Mrs. BB flies into the nest and Stormy is not far behind. Stormy can be seen circling the nest squeeing. He comes back and circles again before landing on the branch above the nest in a loud thud. He screams from that branch having a hissy fit as he thinks Mom brought a fish. He hops to the nest and discovers it empty as Mom goes over to her branch. Stormy is not a happy camper as he vocalizes keeping his eye on Mom. He moves some sticks around and then lays in the center of the nest. He finally settles down and tries to sleep. Stormy remained in the nest for the evening. Thank you for watching!

Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk

Big Bear eagle cam is located in Big Bear Lake, California. Watch live:

This camera is provided by The Friends of Big Bear Valley. Learn more about them at

19 thoughts on “Big Bear Eagle Cam ~ Stormy Circles Nest Twice Following Mom ~ No Fish 5.16.18

  1. Michele Pohl

    At this point Stormy could never sneak up on his prey.
    First he cicles the nest twice to let everyone know he's coming and then he makes a ruckus in the branchs with those wings, squeeing the whole time. Yes, carrion is the way to go for you Stormy.

  2. DLionheart

    OMGosh I just adore this guy! LOL. As others have stated below – how wonderful to get to see him flying! Thank you LH! He is such a vocalist – LOTS to say! hahahaha Can't help but love him to pieces! Safe flying sweet, wild boy with the big, BIG voice! Your landings will get better with practice sweetheart. You can DO it – you're an eagle with awesome parents! =)♥

  3. C Miller

    Thank you Lady Hawk for this video. He was appropriately named by the third graders that named this family. Curious if this class still follows by watching? Thanks for keeping us updated and highlighting different happenings for us. You are appreciated!

  4. Isabelle Rudolf

    Did Stormy go to bed hungry last night? Poor baby! He still needs to be fed and parents have to teach him to catch some rabbits. Too soon to go fishing, he might drown, and also he has to learn to steal food from mom. Love you Stormy! Hang in there baby, it won't be long now and you're leaving the nest but first you must learn to hunt and steal or you won't survive. God bless you!


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