Polar Bear Sky


Would you believe Maryland’s Governor O’Malley was the sole human on the melting ice berg in this Art For the Sky depiction of global warming?! That’s him in the picture above. Courageous guy he was to be part of this performance sky art piece for the Maryland Green School’s Summit at Sandy Point State Park on the Chesapeake Bay. As usual in this latest round of sky art projects the magic number “350” is depicted . . . that’s the max parts per million of carbon, according to climate scientists, that we can handle in our atmosphere if we are going to make it through this climate changing era with some degree of safety. As most everyone knows, the current number is 390 and going up. Coincidentally, Maryland has 350 “green schools” (16% – the highest in the nation) and this summit and special sky art extravaganza was a celebration of their success!

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