baby Monkey Lori part 04

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baby Monkey Lori part 04
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11 thoughts on “baby Monkey Lori part 04

  1. A 223

    I want to say lori had a nice run if your gonna take her back lets hope she don't get finished off. Depending on how bad a crime it is to hurt a monkey at the temple, might help us know why they might try to cover the employee.

  2. Elsie Robinson

    You folks know she is not ready to be with mother, if she has any broken bones they have to be x rayed, wake up and come to your senses, she is in no shape to be pulled at and dragged and tossed around, very angry i am

  3. Franky F

    She can't climb a tree or hold on to anything securely. You give her back to her mum now she will get killed because of you. Being able to climb and hold on is more important than food at this age.


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