A Cute and Naughty Baby Monkey

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With their disproportionately large heads and eyes, all infants of the mammalian kingdom are cute to look at and sometimes to play with, except my nephew who managed to count against this general rule and had modern taxonomy allows, should more correctly be put under the kingdom of Kaiju, following the likes of Godzilla etc.

I bumped into this naughty monkey baby with his family on a hike and they strangely did not shy away from my camera and continued to mind their own business as though I was totally invisible, an experience that harks back to that I had in the Galapagos.

I particularly enjoyed the interactions between the little sister and his baby brother, it really is like watching ourselves in the mirror.

19 thoughts on “A Cute and Naughty Baby Monkey

  1. Anne Corey

    Very cute babies playing up the tree the little one is hands full he is very fast and cheeky beautiful face her big sister looking after some time very good Bless them all thank you good video.

  2. Maureen Banks

    I just had to watch this one again. yes, such a cruel world! her little face when big sis holds her and barks at the offending duo, so hurt! monkey culture can really take the wind out of your sails

  3. Rojo Chav

    Loved your video. I very much enjoyed watching it especially with your captions on; made the video more lively to watch! Thanks for the video!


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