10 ways for your dog to show he loves you

Dogs are full of love, that’s no secret. And they love to show us all that they have to give.

In general, it’s not hard to tell when a dog is showing affection. But sometimes you can mistake his gesture for affection, or vice versa – his affection can be mistaken for something completely different.

What do I mean? Let’s take the example of tail wagging… We assume that when a dog wags its tail, it means it is happy and shows its love for us. But this is not always the case. Tail wagging can mean different things like anxiety, stress, etc…

Today we will go over 10 ways your dog shows he loves you:

1. Wagging tail

As we mentioned above, this is a sign of affection.

2. The shadow puppy

Do you notice that your dog sometimes follows you around? While this could mean that he needs something (a bathroom break, food, etc.), it could also mean that he just wants to be near you. Your dog’s need to be close to you is a sure sign of love.

3. He licks his face!

While some find this intolerable… others accept it on occasion and some even find it cute when their dog licks their face. Again, face licking doesn’t always mean your dog is showing you love, but in most cases, if your dog gives you a big wet kiss… he loves you.

4. Jump

This unwanted behavior – your dog jumping on you when you come home – may not be acceptable, but it’s good to know why. Your dog wants to get down to your level. As a puppy, he learns to lick his mother’s face. Recognizing that you are a parental figure, your dog wants to greet you by jumping up and trying to reach your face!

5. Have you ever noticed a difference in your dog when you are sick?

Your dog may seem to act differently when you have the flu or even a cold. He may become clingy or even worried. This is because he is worried about you and feels the need to look after you.

6. Is your dog allowed on your bed or not?

It’s always good to know that the reason Fido always wants to get up there is that he instinctively feels the need to snuggle and sleep with his pack. He considers you part of his pack, and wants to cuddle with you lovingly!

7. The Skinny

Medium to large dogs tends to lean on your legs. Some people think this is an attempt to dominate the dog. However, dogs lean on you to show affection.

8. Say “Cheese!”

Dogs smile, just like us, but it’s not as obvious. If you know your pet well, it’s not hard to tell by the expression on his face whether he’s upset, playful, or in love.

9. Rough play

Unwanted, yes. But… your dog is not (usually) trying to hurt you or be rough with you. Puppies play very rough with their littermates as well as with their mother. Your dog is not trying to hurt you, he is just trying to play with the family in the way a dog knows best.

10. The stare

When a dog stares at you, some people still think it means he’s challenging you. When in fact, it shows you an extreme amount of love. Brian Hare, director of the Duke Canine Cognition Center, tells us that oxytocin (a chemical released when new mothers and their babies instinctively bond) is also released when dogs stare at you or even just touch you.

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